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Pilipo Solatorio

(16x20) Oil on Canvas

He is the last living Hawaiian descendent to be born and raised in Moloka‘i’s Hālawa valley and still resides there. At five years old, Pilipo was chosen by his grandfather to be the cultural practitioner for his family and become a caretaker of Hālawa. This honor meant he was given the kuleana of carrying on their traditions and cultural practices. Today he does this by educating the community through his mo‘olelo, hula, and aloha. The Solatorios are the last original family left in the valley. Their lineage connects them back to the first Hawaiian settlers on Moloka‘i. For the Solatorios, they offer an opportunity to portray their aloha and knowledge for a place that most visitors venture into, unwary of its history.

Behind the Scenes

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