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Mary Hala Pale

(20x16) Oil on Canvas

Mary Hala Pale was born and raised along the brackish water shores of east Moloka‘i. Born a child of the Apana, Kuahulu and Duvauchelle families meant that she was raised by a large ‘ohana that knows the sea well and views the kai as a family member. Her grandmother taught her to identify, properly gather, clean, and prepare limu (seaweed), pāpa‘i (crabs), and other inshore i‘a(sea life) that are often found in shallow brackish waters on our islands. She often will share what she knows with the youth of Moloka‘i. Whether it’s harvesting limu the pono way or cleaning crab, Aunty Hala is a treasure to Moloka‘i and so openly shares with those who have the desire to learn. Her preparation of these things is well known throughout Moloka‘i for being ‘ono and done in the old style.

Behind the Scenes

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