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Molokai Nui A Hina is a visual revival of the moʻolelo (traditional stories) of Molokai. Collectively, the works convey a deep sense of aloha ʻāina and our role as fierce protectors of the land. The stories portray a modern understanding of island sustainability with a great emphasis on food production and land stewardship. 


Organized by Molokai-based, Kanaka Maoli artist Maile Naehu, the artwork from Molokai Nui A Hina is the result of an inter-island collaboration. For nearly 13 months, Naehu worked closely with Oʻahu-based arts educator and muralist Meleanna Meyer to develop and plan a youth-driven community mural project. In March 2016, with the help of two kupuna and five Oʻahu-based artists, one Maui and five Molokai artists and 16 Molokai keiki painted eight (3'x8') panels representing the eight compass points of the island and incorporating more than 40 moʻolelo total. 


Molokai Nui A Hina (Molokai the great child of Hina) is a multigenerational community initiative to reconnect with the mo'olelo (traditional stories) of the Island of Molokai. Through the storytelling forms of hula, song, spoken word, and the visual arts, this initiative aims to rekindle a love for mo'olelo as a way to restore our understanding of ourselves, our natural resources, and our relationship to the land that feeds us.

The Molokaʻi Nui a Hina Project has brought together local youth and local adult artists under Hawaiian master artists to bring moʻolelo to life through art. We began with a Mural in the classroom at Keawanui Fishpond, depicting stories about Hina, the fishpond, and halihali pōhaku. Later, we worked on an eight paneled mural, each representing the compass points and depicting the stories that occurred on each compass point on Molokaʻi. We also painted a mural wrapping around the classroom at Keawanui.

Mural Projects

Learning Outside

We believe in using the ʻāina as our classroom. Outdoor learning can be especially helpful to those of the keiki we bring through who have a hard time concentrating in a traditional classroom setting. As we are also focused on ʻāina based education and raising awareness about our land, it seems appropriate that much of our lessons occur in the environment that they are learning about. It is an immersive experience to enhance the lessons and help our keiki gain deeper understandings of the world around them.

The Molokaʻi Nui a Hina Project hosts and teaches art workshops for our community. We have Creative Keawanui keiki art camps during school breaks for our youth to learn art, science, and moʻolelo at day-camps. We also have worshops for different ages. We have done a printmaking workshop as well as painting workshops. 

Art Workshops


The Molokaʻi Nui a Hina Project has worked to service our community by visiting schools and other locations and organizations in the Hawaiʻi community. We have worked to help in Ka Molokaʻi Makahiki, visiting schools and teaching them about the moʻolelo about Makahiki and how to play the games. We have also gone to neighboring islands to teach workshops there. 

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